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Treating Candida

Various Treatments –Both Store Bought and Home Made


It is an unusual woman who has not experienced at least one vaginal yeast infections in her lifetime.  There are many different types of infections but the most common, and the most benign, is that caused by yeast


There is a slew of medication available for the treatment of yeast infections. They range from oral tablets to vaginal preparations made as creams, ointments, tablets and suppositories.  All are short term therapies lasting from one to three days. Vaginal infections are divided into two different categories, they are considered either complicated or uncomplicated.

Uncomplicated vs. Complicated

The uncomplicated type is those considered mild, infrequent and require only short term therapy of one to three days.  They are easily cleared and rarely return.

A complicated infection is of a more virulent nature.  Symptoms are more intensified and may require more than the usual three days to obtain recovery.  They also tend to return frequently, each time the infection more severe.  A combination of several medications taken in tandem and an extended length of therapy may be required to completely rid the body of the infection

Home Treatments

There are some women, especially if this is the first occurrence, who would like to avoid the chemical route.  Instead they choose to try more herbal and home type remedies.  Here is a list of some of the most popular. Although they do have their followers none have been put under the scrutiny of a controlled medical study.

Licorice Powder – Water boiled with licorice powder can be used as a vaginal douche.

Vinegar – Douching with a mild vinegar/water solution at the first symptom of the presence of yeast.

Cranberry Juice – Unsweetened cranberry juice may increase the acidity of the vagina and therefore prevent an outbreak of yeast.

Yogurt – Yogurt has become the “go to” home remedy for many persons.  It can be used in a variety of ways.  You must use the plain yogurt with active cultures. There are three ways it can be used.  One way is to eat the yogurt.  Also a small amount can be inserted directly into the vagina.  And finally it can be prepared as a douche when thinned with warm water.

Rosemary – The herb rosemary can be made into a tea to be ingested orally or used as a douche.

Boric Acid – Boric acid has been around and years and used mainly to soak tired feet.  But when placed inside of gelatin capsules it can be inserted into the vagina to attack yeast. This should be done daily for a week.  But it should not be attempted during pregnancy; boric acid has never been approved for treatment for pregnant woman.

Yogurt/Vinegar Combination – A combination of yogurt tablets used vaginally daily while douching with a vinegar solution twice a day is also reported to be a yeast killer.

In Conclusion

Yeast vaginal infections are a problem with a multitude of preventative measures.  And also at the same time a long list of possible treatments.  Especially if this is the first episode it is best confirmed by a medical professional.